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online virtual consultation and evaluation


To ensure everyone’s safety, Dr. Greenberg is now offering virtual check-ins for existing patients with non-emergency issues. For new patients or parents seeking a complimentary consultation, we can also set up a virtual call with our treatment coordinator to discuss treatment options or personal financing questions. Simply fill out our online appointment request form and follow the video instructions to take/submit photos of your teeth.

Safety is our Top Priority

Maintaining an exemplary level of patient care and safety are always a our top priority in our orthodontic practice. With this in mind we began offering our patients a convenient way to stay connected with us during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the need to continue practicing physical distancing as we work to reopen our doors. We plan to continue these virtual appointments in the foreseeable future to help minimize your need to come into our physical office.

Smiling Selfie Series

In order to accurately evaluate your teeth, Dr. Greenberg has specific ‘smiling selfies’ he’ll need you to take. This video shows you tips and techniques to get great full-face, profile and teeth photos. Even though we call these ‘selfies’, having someone assist you with the pictures will get better results.

When you’re done taking the photos, fill our online appointment request form and upload the photos. Please note that availability will vary depending on your request. Your appointment will be confirmed by phone by a member of our staff.

COVID-19 Office Procedures

While we are trying to accommodate as many patients as we can with virtual consultations, we recognize that may not be possible for all types of appointments! For those that come in the office for treatment, we will continue to take extra precautionary measures to help minimize possible contact with other patients, while still providing each patient with the best possible care, and keep our entire RxSmile team safe. Please read the following changes carefully before your next office visit:


  • Our COVID-19 health screening questionnaire must be filled out and signed electronically BEFORE any patient comes in the office. If any answers are “YES”, we must reschedule for a later date for everyone’s safety.
  • Our toothbrushing station will be closed! Please BRUSH YOUR TEETH PRIOR TO ARRIVING for your appointment.


  • For curbside check-in, park near our doors and text (972) 318-2272 or call (972) 335-1300 with patient’s name. Please wait in your car and we will text/call back when we’re ready for you or your child to come in. We’re also asking parents and siblings to remain in the car during the appointment.
  • Anyone entering our office must be wearing a mask of some sort.
  • Upon entering the office, we will take your temperature at front desk and ask you to use hand sanitizer.
  • We will escort patients back to their assigned chair.
  • We will limit and stagger the number of patients to help minimize personal contact and wait times.
  • When the appointment is over we will escort your child back to the car and give parents any updates. Please call our office from the lot, or when you get home, to schedule the next appointment.


  • We have added air filtration devices throughout the office.
  • We skip every other chair to maintain distance between patients and thoroughly clean/disinfect chairs, counters, doors, and equipment between patients.
  • The waiting area is closed and we do not have the normal conveniences … no photo booth, no magazines, no coffee bar, no iPad games, no toys.
  • We use a HEPA vacuum to control aerosols in the treatment area.
  • We wear extra PPE ourselves and wash/change equipment between patients.

If you have any questions about setting up a virtual appointment or our new in-office procedures, please give us a CALL (972) 335-1300.

Set up a Virtual Consult to discuss non-emergency treatment updates.

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