Traditional metal braces at RxSmile. Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces. They are made of high-grade stainless steel, or a combination of stainless steel and titanium, making them very strong and able to withstand most treatments. These small metal brackets, which can be either silver or gold, are attached to each tooth using a specialized dental glue or dental composite resin that contains fluoride to assist in the prevention of tooth decay or caries.

An archwire connects each bracket together. These ultra-strong alloys are the same as those utilized in the NASA space program. Dr. Greenberg uses the latest “self-ligating Damon brackets” that do not require-elastics. This allows for less friction, faster tooth movement and better oral hygiene. Older orthodontic technology uses elastic O-shaped rubber bands (ligatures) to hold the archwires into the brackets. A wide variety of colored bands are available so that you can personalize your smile while you wear your braces. In some cases, metal tie wires that go through the brackets can be used instead of the elastic bands. These self-ligating braces, which are the second most common type of braces, but the most common in the technologically advanced offices like Dr. Greenberg’s, require fewer adjustments and can reduce treatment time.

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