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I was referred to Dr. Greenberg back in 2007 for my braces as he is one of the top orthodontists in all of Dallas. Rest assured, that is true and he won’t stop until everything is perfect. 10 years after my braces removal, I had some minor shifting and went straight to Dr. Greenberg for Invisalign. Nothing has changed and Dr. Greenberg is still the best in Dallas! One of the biggest things I want to share is DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try and cut corners by using an at home “Invisalign” program. Look at the reviews for Smile Direct Club…shall I say anymore? But it’s more than just aligners. First and foremost, Dr. Greenberg is taking scans, NOT molds. Secondly, he is supervising the entire process. Third, you may need your teeth shaved for them to go back in place. Lastly and most important, Dr. Greenberg is not going to stop until you are happy even if that requires an extra set of retainers for some further tweaking. Your teeth and smile are extremely important. If you want it done right the first time, go see Dr. Greenberg.

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