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Coming into our Ortho Consult, I knew my son was going to need a lot of orthodontic work. Gayla (new patient coordinator) and Dr. Greenberg were so warm and made us feel welcome, comfortable and thoroughly explained everything to us. They ran the necessary tests and exams to determine exactly what my son’s treatment plan would be, all while being so patient and caring towards my nervous son that suffers from severe gag reflex. I wasn’t prepared for the in-depth exams that would be preformed, using the latest technology. In one of the exams, Dr. Greenberg found an issue with my son’s airway that no other doctor has previously found. I was completely impressed by this and also by the treatment plan he has planned out for my son. I have no doubt that the level of care and treatment that Dr. Greenberg will provide for my son, will help him in so many more ways than just a beautiful smile!

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