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The Rxpress Clear Aligner System is an easier, quicker and lower cost orthodontic treatment solution than more comprehensive methods. It is perfect for those who want to close gaps or straighten their front teeth to achieve that beautiful smile they have always wanted. Rxpress is right for you if you are on the go and don’t have time for office visits, and don’t want to look like you have braces. Most Rxpress orthodontic treatments achieve excellent results in 6 months with only three required office visits.

Are you a Candidate?

The first step in the process is to determine whether you qualify for our Rxpress treatment program. Simply fill out the appointment request form and follow the instructions on how to take and upload photos of your front teeth. Dr. Greenberg will evaluate your photos and let you know whether the Rxpress Clear Aligner System or a more comprehensive orthodontic treatment option is best for you.

We’re an In-Network PPO Provider for most insurance plans. We offer extremely flexible financing with low down payments, interest-free financing, and we accept all orthodontic insurance benefits too.

How the Rxpress Program works

During your first office visit we make a digital 3D model of your teeth with our iTero® Element Intraoral Scanner. After computer processing, you’ll see 3D images of your teeth as they are currently and a final image of how your smile will look upon completion of the Rxpress program. If you are happy with the potential results, we enroll you into the program and begin manufacture of your custom clear aligners. Unlike other clear aligner programs, with Rxpress, your treatment is overseen and customized by Dr. Greenberg, a professional orthodontist, so you are ensured a perfect outcome.

On your second office visit you will receive your custom Rxpress clear aligners complete with instructions and demonstrations on how to use and care for them. You may also choose additional services on an à la carte basis to enhance your treatment as you begin your path to a beautiful smile.

Your final office visit occurs upon completion of the Rxpress program. To protect and preserve the investment in your beautiful smile, we will scan your straight teeth and fabricate retainers. We can either mail the retainers to you, or feel free to swing by and pick them up.

Easy Next Steps

The Rxpress Clear Aligner System may be the perfect way to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Start your journey today!

  • Complete the appointment request form and upload photos of your teeth per video instructions. You will soon receive a follow-up email from us with documents and information.
  • Schedule your first 30-minute office visit.
  • Complete and return all documents online; you’ll sign them at your first appointment.
  • Schedule your second office visit to pick up your custom Rxpress Clear Aligners.
  • Follow the Rxpress program as instructed.
  • Email any questions or concerns to
  • Schedule your final appointment when you start wearing the last custom Rxpress Clear Aligner.
  • Enjoy your new beautiful smile!

The complete Rxpress Clear Aligner Program is yours for an investment of only $3,600.

Consider however, enhancing your Rxpress treatment with additional services. Circumstances can change and the following options are always available to help you achieve your confident, beautiful smile.

Additional Services

Rxpress Enhancements

Whitening Treatment
(4) 1.2 oz tubes
Maximize your new smile with bright, pearly-white teeth! Add this whitening gel to your aligner trays for quick, noticeable results.
Accelerated Orthodontics
per device
The VPro5™ makes gentle vibrations to help aligners fit properly. Use for 20 min/day & reduce treatment time by 25-50%.
Chewies™ Aligner Seaters
Pack of 10
This soft, sponge-like material improves the fit of your aligners by closing gaps between your teeth and the aligners.
Foam Aligner Cleaner
1.7 fl. oz. bottle
Quick-acting Sterasmile™ aligner cleaner neutralizes germs and odors, plus uses natural whitening agents to brighten teeth!

Rxpress Support

Treatment Check-Up
In-Office Visit | $198

If you have questions or concerns that can’t be answered virtually, or are just wondering how your treatment is progressing, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Greenberg in person.

Lost-Aligner Insurance
1 Set (Per Aligner Stage) | $150

If you lose your aligners, don’t panic or lose your progress. Each replacement set comes with an upper and lower aligner.

Refinement Scan (ClinCheck)
Scan | $398*

Are your aligners not fitting as well as they should? Did you take time off by mistake? Get rescanned and back on the program. *Does not include additional treatment time if necessary.

Treatment Extension
6-Month Extension | $1,498

If you desire additional treatment time it can be purchased in 6-month increments (limit of 12 months).

Comprehensive Upgrade
Approximately $6,300*

If you decide the Rxpress program is not the best for you and your lifestyle, switch to one of our Comprehensive orthodontic treatments at any time. *Cost is based on time, difficulty, and desired outcomes.

Rxpress Lasting Success

Vivera® Retainers
4 Sets (Includes Upper and Lower) | $800

Preserve and protect your investment in a confident, beautiful smile with Vivera retainers, from the makers of Invisalign®.

Additional Retainers
1 Set (Includes Upper and Lower) | $198

Although your Rxpress package includes an upper and lower retainer, consider a back-up set for safety and convenience.

If you are interested in a quicker, lower cost clear aligner system to adjust your front teeth, submit your information and photos using our online appointment request and Dr. Greenberg will review your case to determine if you’re a candidate for Rxpress Clear Aligners. If you have any additional questions, call 972-335-1300 Mon-Thur from 8 am-5 pm.

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See if the Rxpress Clear Aligner Program is a perfect fit for your smile.

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