Ceramic braces, or clear dental braces, are similar to traditional metal braces in that they use brackets to straighten the teeth in orthodontic treatment. Rather than metal, these brackets consist of tooth-colored ceramic that blends in with your teeth making your braces far less noticeable. Made from a glass-like composite material, ceramic braces allow your teeth to shine through. Ceramic braces are available in varying levels of transparency, giving you the options of several natural tooth colors, as well as clear brackets. All brackets are designed to resist stains. The small ceramic pieces are glued to each individual tooth and bound with a plasma light for superior adhesion. A small wire across the teeth connects the brackets, much the same as traditional braces. Clear brackets are made of monocrystalline alumina, while tooth-colored brackets are made of polycrystalline alumina. These non-porous compounds are ultra-strong with good aesthetic properties. The best choice for you will depend on your natural tooth color.

Ceramic Clear Dental Braces are Popular!

Ceramic braces have risen in popularity due to being so much less visible than metal braces. Many older teens and adults prefer ceramic braces because they are visually less prominent. Typically, only the archwire is visible, so it appears that you are merely wearing an orthodontic retainer. Tooth-colored wire is available for an even more discreet look. In fact, actor Tom Cruise wore ceramic braces at the premiere of his movie, Minority Report.

With ceramic braces, the rubber bands (ligatures) used to hold the archwires are usually white or clear. These bands can stain, however, they are changed out once a month, so staining is generally not a problem. White metal ties that provide a stronger bind may be used, eliminating the need for elastic bands. Avoiding staining agents such as tobacco, curry, and coffee will minimize the risk of the bands becoming stained. Colorful bands are also an option and will aid in keeping your ceramic braces stain-free.

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