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Dr. Greenberg - Trusted Orthodontist in Dallas and Frisco, TX

Searching for a family orthodontist in Dallas or Frisco? At RX Smile, we offer service to patients of all ages. Your teeth can, with the help of orthodontics, be realigned and shaped at any stage of growth-- no matter if you're coming in for your first pair of braces at age 15 or 50. If you have problems with crossbites, crowding, or purely cosmetic concerns, we've got a solution for you.

Children are advised to visit the orthodontist at an early age to make assessments and avoid further complications. With the loss of baby teeth and arrival of permanent ones, all sorts of problems can occur. These minuscule problems can later manifest into much larger issues, so it is wise to treat them early on.

However, problems can arise at any moment, and many teenagers and adults require specialized orthodontic treatment. It can be difficult to have self-confidence when you can't appreciate your own smile. We can give you the happiness you need to succeed, no matter how serious the issue is. Our first duty is to you and your smile.

For an orthodontist in Dallas or Frisco that you can count on, visit our friendly staff at RX Smile. We welcome patients of all ages, so call today to schedule an appointment for yourself or the whole family.

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